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Concrete Counter Mix


Buddy Rhodes

Quick Overview

    Buddy Rhodes Concrete Counter Mix is a mix with multiple uses. It is uniquely designed so that both the Hard Trowel Surface and the Pressed Surface can be achieved using the same mix.
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  • Hard Trowel: The cast-in-place standard: great for pre-cast too. Mold is right side up. Surface can be ground heavily, lightly or not at all to reveal varying amounts of aggregate: pea gravel is recommended. You can use vibration.

  • Pressed: Must be done pre-cast. Mold is worked upside-down. Creates Buddy's signature veined look. Some polishing required. Do not use pea gravel with this technique. No vibration needed.

  • Question:

    How much concrete will each bag produce?


    Each bag produces 1/2 cubic foot or 4.5 square feet of material at 1 1/2" thickness, without added pea gravel.

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Buddy Rhodes
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