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Bone White Spray Coat Mix


Buddy Rhodes

Quick Overview

    NEW! Buddy's Bone White Spray Coat is a ready-to-use mix with all the benefits of Buddy's original Concrete Countertop Mix, but without the large aggregate. It is ideal for the growing number of decorative concrete artisans seeking to obtain the lighter, and stronger design possibilities of the GFRC techniques. 50lb bag.
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Buddy Rhodes Spray Mix recipe Ingredients:

1.5 qt Water
1 qt Buddy Rhodes Curing Polymer
1 oz Buddy Rhodes Water Reducer
25 lbs Buddy Rhodes Spray Mix (1/2 bag). *Sift the Spray Mix before mixing to break up any clumps. Pigment if desired. (220 grams BR pigment to match BR standard colors)

Mixing order:

Mix well the water, curing polymer, pigment and water reducer in a clean 5 gal. bucket. Incorporate the Buddy Rhodes Spray Mix to the liquids while mixing. If the mix is a bit too dry, add another half ounce of water reducer and re-mix. Allow the mix to flash set for about 4-5 minutes and re-mixed before spraying.

The mix should be able to easily pour out of a 1qt. cup into your spray hopper.

* BR Spray Mix can also be used for the back-up layer by adding 1 lb per bag of chopped fibers. Most times the back up mix is without the water reducer to be able to work up vertical surfaces.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Buddy Rhodes
For More Information on the Bone White Spray Coat Mix, [Click Here] to Link to Manufacturer Web Site

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