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Quick Overview

    Medium Duty Anchor Lock-gang forming- shown in the closed position.

    Features: 2'x2' tie spacing. Lock mounted (fixed) on vertical 4x4 Pass through ties. Anchor Lock TMS5 wire ties, taper ties, or she bolts and 3/8" inner ties. Plastic tie hole sleeve for easy tie hole cleaning. 6-7# per square ft.
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Medium Duty Anchor Lock-gang forming- shown in open position.

Medium Anchor Lock TMS-5 tie w/ 5-3/4 sleeve (3/4 ply, 2xflat, 4x4) 2 ga. Wire 6500# ultimate strength tie.

Heavy Duty Pickup Loop w/ safety straps mounted to the vertical 4x4

Median Duty Anchor Lock gang, showing locks, pick-up loops,2x2 connection angle, and U-Dogs.

Medium Duty Anchor Lock used in a box culvert application

Medium Duty Anchor Lock gang with Dual Duty Scaffold Brackets attached to the vertical 4x4 with the use of the arms on the scaffold and a C-Section coming from the back side of the 4x4 strongback.

20'x20' Medium Duty Anchor Lock form

Medium Duty Anchor gangs in the second (reattached) position. Job dictated a light form (7#/sq. ft.) because of crane capacity. 8' x 20' gangs with 3 rows of staging brackets.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Gates and Sons, Inc.
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