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Lok Fast Column Clamp


Gates and Sons, Inc.

Quick Overview

    Lok Fast Column Clamp

    • Recognized as best gang clamp on the market
    • 1/4 x 3"x4" angle
    • 3 standard sizes:
      • 8” - 24”
      • 12” - 36”
      • 24” - 48”
    • Each clamp has 1 operator angle with locking unit (shown), 1 pin angle, and two identical back angles

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Large column form with clamps spaced for full liquid head. Spacing in literature are #of clamps needed for full liquid head. (see and print forming details)

Two column forms in place for hotel lobby height columns. Notice the number of clamps in the middle of the forms. These forms are going to be cut in 1/2 for the upper room floors.

Lok Fast column forms in place on poured deck, ready to pour next floor of multi floor height building.

Large dimension column form. Note the #9 Anchor Lock elevator shaft form behind the column form.

Form opened and ready for the crane for stripping and reset. Notice the form opens in two 90 degree halves. Under normal application, the clamps are used with two heavy duty squaring corners that create the two rigid 90's that pivot between the back angles, opposite the lock unit and pin angle connection.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Gates and Sons, Inc.
For More Information on the Lok Fast Column Clamp, [Click Here] to Link to Manufacturer Web Site

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