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Color Wall Water-Based Extra-Strength Stains

Smith Paints

SKU / Product InfoQuantity
CW-110 4oz
Natural Color Wall 4oz
CW-120 4oz
Antique Gray Color Wall 4oz
CW-120 Gal
Antique Gray Color Wall Gal
CW-120 Qt
Antique Gray Color Wall Quart
CW-130 4oz
Gray Color Wall 4oz
CW-140 4oz
Black Color Wall 4oz
CW-140 Gal
Black Color Wall Gal
CW-140 Qt
Black Color Wall Quart
CW-160 4oz
Patina Color Wall 4oz
CW-170 4oz
Moss Green Color Wall 4oz
CW-180 4oz
Olive Green Color Wall 4oz
CW-210 4oz
Sandstone Color Wall 4oz
CW-230 4oz
Terra Cotta Color Wall 4oz
CW-230 Gal
Terra Cotta Color Wall Gal
CW-230 Qt
Terra Cotta Color Wall Quart
CW-250 4oz
Desert Sand Color Wall 4oz
CW-250 Gal
Desert Sand Color Wall Gal
CW-250 Qt
Desert Sand Color Wall Quart
CW-260 4oz
Light Adobe Color Wall 4oz
CW-270 4oz
Dark Adobe Color Wall 4oz
CW-270 Gal
Dark Adobe Color Wall Gal
CW-270 Qt
Dark Adobe Color Wall Quart
CW-280 4oz
Bark Brown Color Wall 4oz
CW-280 Gal
Bark Brown Color Wall Gal
CW-280 Qt
Bark Brown Color Wall Quart
CW-560 4oz
Sea Foam Color Wall 4oz
CW-600 4oz
Honey Color Wall 4oz
CW-630 4oz
Amber Color Wall 4oz
CW-630 Gal
Amber Color Wall Gal
CW-630 Qt
Amber Color Wall Quart
CW-640 4oz
Red Clay Color Wall 4oz
CW-700 4oz
Fawn Color Wall 4oz
CW-700 Gal
Fawn Color Wall Gal
CW-700 Qt
Fawn Color Wall Quart
CW-710 4oz
Nutmeg Color Wall 4oz

Quick Overview

  • Low Odor
  • Low VOC
  • Weather Resistant
  • Ultra Violet Light Resistant
  • Alkali Resistant
  • Water Submersible
  • Fast Air Dry
  • Overnight Deliverable - No Red Label
  • Contact us for additional colors/sizes
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Smith's Color Wall is a water-based extra-strength stain manufactured as a decorative and breathable protective stain for porous vertical surfaces. It is an excellent tool for creating realistic rockscapes as well as natural color for retaining walls. Smith's Color Wall incorporates increased pigment solids for easily controlled color depth while achieving a satin natural appearance. Superior adhesion to interior and exterior concrete, brick, plaster, stucco and terra cotta allows the user to apply this stain to a variety surfaces. These stains are water submersible, alkali, weather and ultraviolet-light resistant after a minimal drying time of 48 hours. A sealer is recommended for applications exposed to excessive surface wear. Smith's Color Wall is not compatible with Methyl Methacrylate or penetrating (e.g. sodium silicate) sealers.

Color Wall stains are best applied to large areas via an airless paint sprayer using 65-70 pounds of pressure and a #13 paint tip. For smaller areas and touchups use a Hudson sprayer, High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP), spray bottle, sea sponge or bristle brush. A variegated or natural finish can be achieved through the various absorbencies of the surface material as well as the accumulation of color pigments.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Smith Paints
For More Information on the Color Wall Water-Based Extra-Strength Stains, [Click Here] to Link to Manufacturer Web Site

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