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Fiberglass Coil Rod Systems

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Fiberglass Formtie System

The SuperTie-CR, Fiberglass Coil Rod Systems, can be used to secure concrete formwork during concrete placement. The fiberglass coil threaded rod cannot rust, so they don't need to be removed from a structure, as is the case with a steel threaded rod.

Use of SuperTie-CR as a form tie results in superior architectural finishes, without patches or rust.

The system is available in three different strengths… ½" dia. system offers a 15,000 pound ultimate tensile strength. ¾" dia. gives 30,000 pounds, and 1" dia. gives 34,000 pounds. Use of our Form Fixtures is required to attain these strengths.

Rod is stocked in 6 and 8 foot lengths, fully threaded, and is easily cut to shorter lengths if needed. Longer lengths, with only the ends threaded, are available per special order.

Fiberglass Embankment Stabilization System

Supertie-CR can be made in lengths that enable its use as a Soil Nail. Benefits of this use include… Fiberglass tendon will never rust. Can be a permanent or temporary Installation. May be removed without damaging in-situ utilities. And is good for "hot soils". Supertie-CR used as a soil nail has been approved by leading geotechnical design firm.


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Manufacturer: RJD Industries

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