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Dry Integral Color

Dry Integral Color

Solomon Colors

Solomon Colors' pigments provide unparalleled consistency in the mix, accuracy and dependability all down the line. Our products are easy to use and measure, stay consistent from batch to batch, and provide lasting beauty to architectural concrete projects. With Solomon Colors Dry Integral Color, you can count on no pigment streaks in the final finish for a top-quality product and improved bottom-line. You can work with our Color Laboratory to receive custom blending and color-matching services to bring your project design to life.

Quick Overview

    Solomon Colors, Inc. Integral Colors For Ready Mix Concrete are pure mineral pigments designed for use in cementitious slump applications. These colors are commonly used in the manufacturing of ready mix concrete, architectural concrete stamping, driveways, sidewalks, patios, grout, vertical precast and poured-in-place concrete construction.
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Solomon Colors
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