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SGS Mortar Color

SGS Mortar Color

Solomon Colors

SGS Mortar Colors are provided in unique pre-weighed and measured amounts to assure the most accurate color consistency available. Our A, H, and X series offer over 50 standard colors, all pre-measured for use in mortar and other mixes. Our nationwide network of distributors and warehouses allows fast delivery. And as always, our experts will assist you with custom-match colors and varying color intensity.

Quick Overview

    Solomon Colors Concentrated Mortar Colors A, H and X Series are pure mineral pigments designed to be used with all cementitious material whether it may be a Type N, S, M or O strength masonry cement or portland and lime mixtures. The pre-measured units concept of Solomon Colors’ colors provides uniform color control with the flexibility of utilizing local masonry and/or portland and lime cements to achieve the proper strength and mix design for brick, block, stucco or stone units construction.
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Solomon Colors
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